제      목 SuperTEC Visit to CTBUH China Office Reveals Collaboration Potential
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SHANGHAI – The CTBUH China Office hosted a visit from SuperTEC, the Supertall Building Design & Engineering Tech Research Center, a consortium of researchers and practitioners led by Korea University and Dankook University, Seoul. The SuperTEC organization is charged with devising its own research and patents, as well as discovering and promoting work of other Korean companies to the worldwide tall building industry. SuperTEC is a specially funded enterprise of the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAITA), Urban Planning & Architecture Division. The group has been conducting joint research projects in some form since 2009, and has piloted tests of its technologies in more than 50 projects across 15 countries. With a five-year, $24 million grant from KAITA, SuperTEC now has a mandate to establish support infrastructure for competitive small businesses in tall building technology. more... http://ctbuh.org/Events/ToursVisits/2017TourArchive/1701_SuperTECVisittoShanghai/tabid/7463/language/en-US/Default.aspx
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